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At Discount Audio Visual, we understand customers are doing things differently during these difficult economic times. Today’s businesses do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of monies having events in hotels, banquet halls and convention centres. During the COVID-19 health crisis, it makes sense for companies to have control of their own health & safety protocols and rely less on venues that may not have the proper measures implemented.

The over-priced costs charged by these ‘in-house audio visual vendors’ are astronomical and unfair to companies simply trying to have an employee engagement meeting, seminar, training or any other gathering for the dissemination of information. The unreasonable ‘service fees’ charged by the hotel’s food & beverage department and the in-house audio visual provider is more than the actual rental of the equipment. Not to mention the ridiculous costs for WiFi charged by these venues with more service charges added. Enough is enough and you deserve better!

For that reason, we are focused on simplifying the process of renting audio visual equipment as stress free as possible to allow you to have your events in your own office, warehouse or other areas within your organization. Keep your team together, informed and safe while saving costs!

We offer easy to understand audio visual packages and provide substantial discounts on multiple day orders. For your convenience, we encourage a simple checkout process that helps keep costs down with the unnecessary administration costs associated with the larger ‘box type’ audio visual companies that are then passed onto the customer.

We have skilled technicians that can deliver and assist in the set up, operate and dismantle of the equipment at a reasonable cost. You are also welcome to pick up & return the equipment from our warehouse located near Dixie & 401 to avoid the nominal transportation charges.

We are happy to take care of anything else you may require such as: tables, chairs, catering, crowd control barriers, hand-sanitizer stations, security, or any other needs you may have. Simply contact us for a separate quote based on your needs. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can put over 30 years of audio visual experience to work for you!

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