All quotations and pricing are valid for 30 days from date of rental contract. Quotations are based upon information provided at the time of its preparation. Every effort has been made to provide an accurate estimate of any anticipated costs based on information received from the customer.

All Labour will be charged based upon actual hours of work performed during the event with the customer’s full consent of any additional charges (if any).

Unless specifically stated in the quote, other incurred costs which may not be included and may be invoiced directly to the client by the venue or another vendor are:

  • Costs for electrical connection or power distribution or generator(s).
  • Use of in-house sound systems or patching fees
  • Scissor lift (if required)
  • Union labour costs (if the venue is unionized)
  • Security guard (if required)

Equipment and Labour rates may be subject to change on subsequent proposals beyond the valid date as indicated above.

Discount Audio Visual guarantees the performance of equipment and services under normal circumstances. We do not assume responsibility for circumstances beyond our control. Discount Audio Visual’s liability in all cases is limited to the amount of this contract.

The customer is fully responsible for any loss, theft or damages of equipment during the period between delivery/installation and dismantles/removal by Discount Audio Visual staff during rental period. Subsequently, the customer is fully responsible for any loss, theft or damages of equipment during the period when they pick up & drop off to and from Discount Audio Visual’s office.

Discount Audio Visual accepts VISA, Master Card or AMEX. Payment can be made at the time of booking the equipment through the website. Any additional charges for technical personnel or equipment not listed on the website will be added to the rental contract with the balance owing to be paid before the end of the rental period. Orders cancelled 24hrs before the delivery or pick up date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee and restocking fee. Please sign below and return to Discount Audio Visual to accept the quote and the terms and conditions.


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